Zenfolio | peihao | Project Angel VIII
A Youth Expedition Project by a group of NUS students.

10 October 2006 - We gathered, we wrote down our hopes and aims for the project. We had our first meeting.

18 October 2006 - We sold t shirts, we sold post cards, we sold Nalgene bottles. We had a booth at NUSMC bazaar. We had our first fund raising activity.

8 November 2006 - We ran after cars, we scrubbed, we wiped, we sweat and we had fun. We did charity car wash.

11 November 2006 - We brought the Agape kids to the beach, we got sand in our shoes, we got drenched, we became big brothers and sisters. We served the local community.

18 November 2006 - We got into our individual groups, we got to understand each other, we built bonds. We accomplished the Ubin challenge.

7 December 2006 - We talked and talked. We went for pre-departure briefing.

8 December 2006 - We probed the Khmer language, we collected many things, we packed and we were ready to go. We endured the Packing Day.

12 December 2006 - We had little sleep, we were anxious, we were excited. We finally stepped into Cambodia.

29 December 2006 - We went, we seen, we experienced, we felt, we learnt, we have grown, we came back. We all have something to share. We are Project Angel VIII.
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