Zenfolio | peihao | Pulau Ubin
Away from buses and cars.
Away from skyscrapers and traffic lights.
Away from people dressed in ties and heels.

This is where i spent my 3 months long internship with Nparks. Came across many cool people and found many new friends. The coffeeshop aunties who mesmerized me with their 姜葱鸡 and thick kopi. The ever-friendly bicycle shop uncle who always smile at me. The provision shop auntie who served nice coconut and also her grandson, Royston! All the boatman that i see every morning and the dogs at the jetty. Will miss the calls of the hornbill and collared kingfisher. The smell of nature in the early morning and the green color which surrounds me wherever i go. The sandpaper vines that always cut me. The organic durians and many other things which can be hard to find in this urbanised city.

The 3 months has taught me how fragile and beautiful the nature world is. They have been around much longer than the human race and the development of humanity has brought about devastating impacts to them. Pollution, poaching and many other environmental damages. There is no way they can tell us how they feel because they cannot talk. By acting as their messengers, we can help them communicate with the rest of the world. Photos, blogs, videos can be effective means to help spread their feelings.

Can we ever co-exist without causing harm to each other? Let’s speak up for the helpless and help them defend against the ultimate predator, the homosapiens.

物以稀为贵, 物以惜为贵?

Love Nature.

Visit www.wildsingapore.com to find out how you can do your part for nature.