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A story to tell.

Chapter One - A Khmer Connection

The first day of our project. Took an early flight into Siem Reap. Once we touched down, it was one huge chain of events including an interesting visit to the Landmine Museum.

Chapter Two - Once Mighty Kingdom

Second day of the project. Visited Ang Kor Wat in the morning to catch the sunrise. It was beautiful. Went to a few other temples and finally back to Ang Kor again in the evening for the sunset. A highly recommended place to go.

Chapter Three - It's the Little Things

This is when we started our 'actual' project from the third day onwards. The first two days were actually sight seeing. We got into Kampung Phluk, our first project site. It is a fishing village situated near Tonle Sap Freshwater lake. We spent seven days in this friendly village which left us with countless beautiful memories.

Chapter Four - A New Beginning

After Kampung Phluk, we moved to Ang Chagn Chass village which is closer to the main town, Siem Reap. The difference in the two villages was huge. The culture, the living conditions, the people and the children were all very different from what we experienced in our first project site. It took us some time to break the ice and teaching the kids was challenging. However, we did share some great time with the locals there and although different, it was definitely unique.

Extension n Everything Else - While most of the main team returned to Singapore, a few of us stayed back for another six days. We travelled to the southern tip of Cambodia, Kampot. This was where we got to experience the other side of Cambodia. Enduring the bumpy ride up Bokor Hill was surely worthwhile, for what we got to see high up there. From Kampot, we travelled back to Siem Reap and then headed northwest to Bangkok for our last two days.
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